Cape Town, South Africa.

We’re a city where more than 1 in 5 people are unemployed and thousands of people are homeless. But there is work out there. People need painters, builders, handymen, gardeners, dog walkers, sign painters carpenters and so much more. And more often than not they look for them in a place they trust – social media. 

The trouble is, the people who need the work most aren’t on social media. So we developed the Job Poster to connect them – a digital Job Poster in the Haven Night Shelter. If you’re looking for help you just send a tweet to @jobposter, add the type of work you’re looking, a time and date, your contact number and add #jobposter.

Your tweet will be printed by the Job Poster and someone looking for work will find it and call you to confirm a pick up time.

ROLE | Illustrator
CLIENT | The Night Haven Shelter
SCOPE | Animated AV
TEAM | Josh de Kock