PLAYR is a wearable sports tech product aimed at aspiring football players. My role was the lead product designer on the Smartcoach App – a vital part of PLAYR’s offering. Working closely with sports scientist we aimed to use the 4 simple metrics generated by the product to give the user further insight into their performance and help them think, train and recover like a pro.

User Experience

As a team of 5 we worked collaboratively on the UX, ensuring we delivered a coherent and seamless user experience from purchasing the product online to using it. The process involved a lot of customer research, rapid prototyping and user testing.  Working closely with the developers and engineers to ensure the best user experience possible.

User Interface

Inspired by Electric Bionic we aimed to create a unique and futuristic look and feel for the app, that stands out amongst other sports apps in the market. Aimed at millennials we needed to make sure the design was striking and captured the bold and brave identity of our young, aspirational audience. We used vibrant gradients, dynamic imagery and neon white glows to bring this to life.

Elements of the app are inspired by the SmartPod itself. The linear vertical lines used in the data visualisation, reflect the lights on the SmartPod and the light sequences on the SmartPod are mimicked in the app when charging, syncing and updating firmware.

ROLE | Lead interaction Designer
CLIENT | Catapult Sports
SCOPE | App Design
TEAM | Matt Ellis (CD), Joe Robinson, Charbel Akhras  (UX) and GT Tan (PO)